Why Reill

Great for the environment!

To make an ink-jet cartridge it uses about 2.5zo of oil 

Works great!

With over 100 different printer specific printer inks and over 20 different black inks all our inks are designed to match the original.


Stop wasting money at the box stores band name cartridges and save up to 60% off the cost of buying new with Printer Refillers.

Ink-Jet Refill Service Pricing

Stop by Printer Refillers refill centre and have us refill your empty ink-jet cartridges in around 30 minutes. All our refills use only printer specific inks!


Most refills ready in 30 minutes

Drop off your empty cartridge(s) to be refilled. Most refills will take around 30 for us to clean, refill, weigh and test. When you drop them off we will give you a claim tag so you can pick them up later.


Bring your cartridge(s) in as soon at it starts running low 

It is always best to bring your cartridge in when they are fresh and still working but running low.Letting them site for a long time or running them until the are no longer working may damage the cartridge and or shorten the life span of the cartridges. If in dough being them in, if for any reason they do not work there will be no charge.


Full line of cartridges ready to go!

We carry a full link of printer ink cartridge ready to go with an average savings of 30% to 50% saving over buying new band name cartridges at the box stores.

Click here for our refill pricing list!

Laser Toners Print Cartridges

We carry hundreds of laser toner cartridges “Ready-To-Go”  with a savings of 20% to 60% off the cost of buying new!  

Unfortunately we do not refill toner cartridges in the mall due to the fact that the powder is a carcinogen. However, we do carry many of the most popular toners in stock ready to go!. This also allows us to maintain a high quality standard for our toner cartridges with near 100% success rate. 

Search here for your printer model or cartridge number:

If for some reason you cannot find your cartridge please feel free to contact us with your printer model number. We are here to help! 

Printer ink cartridges  Ready-To-Go!


We are here to help!

Did you know our support section will help you decipher those pesky messages your printer give you and help you get back up and running in no time!

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