Your printer will still thinks they’re empty, despite having just been refilled. This is normal. This will not prevent you from printing, but you will get a few friendly reminders from the printer that you are using “empty” or refilled cartridges. Simply acknowledge these prompts when they arise by clicking “Continue Printing” or “Ok”.

Streaks through the printing

Try running 1-2 print head cleanings. Below are general instructions for how to perform a print head cleaning, however this is done in different ways on every printer, so consult your manual for exact steps.

1. On the computer, click Start, then click on Settings/Control Panel.

2. Select Printers and Faxes (On Windows Vista, select Printer under Hardware and Sound)

3. Right-click on your printer, and click on Properties.

4. Select the Maintenance / Service tab, then select Print Head Cleaning.

Another Solution: If print head cleanings don’t resolve the issue, fill a small dish with approximately ¼” of warm water. Remove the cartridge from the printer an put it into the dish of water, with the cartridge’s print head (the part where the ink comes out) submerged in the water. Let the cartridge soak for 5 minutes, then remove it and dry it off. Run one more print head cleaning.

Solution: The copper strip on the back of the cartridge is very sensitive to static discharge, and can also be disrupted by the oil from skin, or residual water. Take a moment to gently brush this strip off with a piece of paper towel, then reinstall it. 

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