Why Hand Filled Refills are Better

• Hand filled insuring delicate cartridges are cared for, resulting in low failure and return rates.

• Same day service: most refills are done in 30 minutes!

• Our knowledgable technicians can diagnose and fix various problems with your cartridge that cannot be addressed by machine filling stations. This means you get more refills out of each cartridge.

• We carry over 100 different printer-specific inks, with over 20 different black inks insuring that cartridges do not leak or clog your printer’s print head. Generic inks may clog and fade over time.

• With hand filling, ink cartridges do not need to be 100% empty to be refilled. There can still be a little ink left in them to ensure you do not burn out your printer’s print head, extending the life of both your printer and ink cartridges.

• We have been filling ink-jet cartridges for over 10 years and have invested tens of thousands of dollars into research and development.

• In-store testing and cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning for up to 5 minutes; hand-clean with print head atomizer and chamber vacuum; nozzle flush and finally centrifuge treatment, all enhanced with specialty liquid cleaners to clean out dried ink cartridges.

• All major brands including compatible and remanufactured cartridges not available at most major competitors.

• We have refilled over a quarter-million cartridges by hand!

• Our ink is formulated to be chemically compatible with the diverse technical requirements of different print systems to flow & eject effectively throughout the complex and highly-tuned components of your printer.

At Printer Refillers we have faced some tough competition: Cartridge World, Walmart, & Inkjet Plus. All of these competitors are now gone and we are still serving thousands of customers in Winnipeg. We take speacial care of your cartridge needs and will continue to do so! We are a small, locally owned and operated business and are proud to continue serving our loyal customers with the best service and expertise in the industry.


The Question of Inks

Ink quality does make a difference in print quality and at Printer Refillers we use only the highest quality printer ink, designed for your specific printer. Many of our competitor’s use generic inks, that are not necessarily designed for your particular printer.



It is good to refill the cartridge when you notice that the print quality is starting to fade. It is wise to keep a spare set on hand for your own convenience.

It is good to protect your cartridges when transporting them to Printer Refillers location, place them in an plastic bag and avoid touching or rubbing the print head against any object.

Refilling all major brands.

Supporting over 90% of the cartridges market, including HP, Canon, Epson and Brother & Dell. Check out our refill list to find your cartridge.

Our clients can count on numerous refills if they maintain their cartridge properly. You can feel confident in using your refilled ink jet cartridge. 

 Our refilled cartridges come with a full 90 day warranty / returns within 30 days or exchange / fix guarantee within 90 days.


You may find that you receive an “alert” when using refilled cartridges, this annoyance is created by manufactures to scare refill users and should just be bypassed by pressing “OK”, “proceed”, “accept”,“  continue”  etc. Refilling will only extend the life of an ink-jet cartridge and WILL NOT impact your printer warranty. 

You can inquire into the Canadian Competition Act 1998 for details.


Refilling helps the environment

Roughly 70% of printer cartridges are thrown away after just one use, according to Evolve. That amounts to over 100 million empty cartridges ending up in landfills every year — more than one per second! Refilling cartridges saves energy and reduces pollution. By reusing and refilling your inkjet cartridges, you can help save the earth while saving money!

Some facts 

We have been filling ink-jet cartridges for over 14 years and have invested tens of thousands of dollars into research and development, passing it on to our valued customer’s. 

We carry all major brands including compatible and remanufactured cartridges which are often not available at most major competitors.

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Same day service: most refills are done in 30 minutes!