Canon Support – 1200, 2200

When you see this message, simply press the printer’s “OK” button to acknowledge the error.

When you see this message, hold down the printer’s “STOP” button for 5-10 seconds. “DO NOT PRESS CANCEL PRINTING”

Press & hold the STOP/RESET/ RESUME button for 5-10 seconds

When the ink actually runs out…
Error U163 The ink has run out.
This message means the ink has actually run out in the cartridge. Bring it in for a re ll as soon as possible.

How to remove your ink cartridge(s)

Please note that this method of cartridge switching should only be used when absolutely necessary and is not endorsed nor recommended by Canon. Waiting until your cartridges are empty to switch them is still recommended if possible.

To remove cartridges:

Step 1: Send a document to print.

Step 2: While the printer is printing pull the power plug from the back of the printer.

Step 3: Open the front door of the printer. You will now see the carriage holding the cartridges and be able  to slide it freely from side to side using you fingers.

Step 4: Slide the carriage to the right. (fig. 1)

Step 5: On the left inside of the printer you will see a white gear. Turn this clock wise until it clicks. (fig. 2)

Step 6: Slide the carriage over to the left and line up the cartridge you wish to remove to the eject bay.

Step 7: Press on the blue button to eject the cartridge.

Step 8: Insert your replacement cartridge.

Step 9: Slide the cradle all the way to the right into the locked position.

Step 10:Plug the printer bank in and turn it on.

Is your error not listed above? Contact our tech support!

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