Laser TonerPrinter Support

To install your cartridge remove clip (orange or black etc.) and/or pull tape tab from the ink cartridge (if applicable).

Insert cartridge into printer; ensure cartridge firmly locks into place. 

Press OK, yes, close, etc. to bypass any nuisance messages that appear.

NOTE: You may experience “alerts” when using remanufactured and/or compatible cartridges. These nuisance messages are simply deterrents created by manufacturers and should be bypassed by pressing “OK”, “proceed”, “continue”, “accept”, etc. Stop the process if an “Unrecognized Cartridge”, “Cartridge Error”, “Incompatible Cartridge” or “Replace Cartridge” message appears (return the cartridge to the Printer Refillers for evaluation). See table below.

Common Questions and Issues

Brother Laser Printers

If you have purchased the correct cartridge for your printer there is no reason for it not to fit. Our compatible and remanufactured cartridges are the same as the OEM. Also, toner cartridges can also be difficult to install for many people (including us). We can install it for you if they bring it in to the store. 

The toner cartridge must be placed into the drum unit first and then both parts are placed into the printer.

Step by Step instructions:

Please first check the package your cartridge came in for printer specific instructions. Some Bother printers have to be told a new cartridge was installed as there is no chips on them to communicate with. Otherwise please try the following:

1. Remove drum unit with cartridges from the printer and close door.

2. Turn printer off and wait 15 seconds

3.  Turn printer on.

4. Make sure toner has clicked into the drum unit.

5. Open the door and install drum unit with cartridges back into the printer. Press firmly to ensure cartridge is in correctly.

6. Close the door.

The printer should now recognize the cartridge.


If still not being recognized please try the PDF instructions below. They are also included in the box with the toner.

Unpack the new toner cartridge. Hold the cartridge level / horizontal with both hands and gently shake it from side to side several times to spread the toner evenly inside the cartridge. 

Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab from left to right and right to left several times. 

If you have replaced the toner in your Brother DCP7065DN, and the “Toner Life End” or “Replace Toner” message hasn’t automatically reset, you may wish to follow the following procedure to reset it manually:

1. Open the front door and remove the drum and toner (cover to avoid light damage). Confirm that the

display shows cover open.

2. Press the clear key and confirm that the display  shows replace drum.

3. Press the start key and confirm that the display is clear.

4. Press the down arrow key, then quickly press the up arrow key and confirm the display shows 00.

5. Press the OK key and confirm that the display shows accepted, followed by a cover open message.

6. Install the drum and toner assembly, close the front door, and the display should show “please wait”. When the printer has warmed up the error message should be gone and you should see the standard display.

This procedure has been tested on the DCP-7065DN but may also work on other DCP models that take the TN2230 /  TN2250 / TN450 toner.

Users have confirmed that the procedure works on: HL-2280DW, DCP-7040, DCP-7055 / HL2280DW, DCP7040, DCP7055

Clear Toner Error with TN-450 Cartridge

Option 1: For models with fax and LCD screen

Open door

• press Clear/Back key

• press *00
• press OK Do not choose anything for drum replacement. When drum replacement menu comes up, just press the * and then 00, then just press OK.

Option 2: For models with neither fax no LCD screen

• Turn OFF power to the machine.
• Open the front cover. (leave front cover open through out this whole procedure).

• While holding down the GO button, power the printer back ON.

• Continue holding the GO button until you confirm the Toner, Drum and Error LEDs are ON and the ready LED is OFF.

• When the ready LED turns off, release the GO button. All of the LEDs will turn off.
• After all LEDs turn off, press the GO button 2 times. The Toner, Drum and Error LEDs will turn on.
• Press the GO button 7 times. All LEDs turn off and then the Error LED will start flashing.
• When the Error LED starts flashing, close the front cover. The Error LED will turn off and the Ready LED will flash briefly.
• Verify the Ready LED is on steady and the Toner LED is off. Option 3: Put on continue mode
Just go to “Menu”-> “General Setup” -> “Replace Toner” and change the value from “Stop” to “Continue”. Option 4: Check to make sure the “gear” on the side of the cartridge is in the “vertical direction” as shown in the photo ->

How to reset Brother TN-210 laser toner cartridges to read full.

Please visit our blog post below:

Brother TN-760 error message [Cannot detect black cartridge]

Your printer has most likely been manufactured after the date of the toner cartridge chip. eg. Printers manufactured before October 2018 the cartridge works on but printers manufactured after the cartridge will now work.

If you have received this error with a toner purchased from Printer Refillers please bring it back with your bill and we can exchange cartridge for a re-manufactured cartridge as this will solve the issue. 

Canon Laser Printers

Printer that have a Photo Copy option:

Does this happen when you Photo Copy or when you print from the computer?

Photo Copy – Could be a dirty scanner or / and Glass. Try Cleaning both.

From Printer – Could be toner on the edge for the roller. (You can see this on the roller (green or blue), You can just clean it with some dry keener or bring it into Printer Refillers for us to clean for you at no charge.

Please try the following:

1. Removed big cap/clip (May be black or orange). 

2. Removed black paper. 

3. Removed seal/(pull tape) on left. 

HP Laser Printers

Please make sure you have remove the packing clip (orange or black etc.) and/or pull tape tab from the ink cartridge (if applicable).

Please try the following:

1. Removed big cap/clip (May be black or orange). 

2. Removed black paper. 

3. Removed seal/(pull tape) on left. 

First please check that the orange packing clips have been removed from the cartridge(s), the tape at the side of the cartridge has been pulled out all the way and the black paper has been remove.

If you have done the above please and are still receiving the error message please try the following:

  1. Is this error happening on each cartridge or only 1? If you have only installed one new cartridge and have another one please try it in your printer as well and see if you get the same error on that other cartridge. If you do not get that error on the other cartridge then the problem is mostly a defective chip. Please bring back the cartridge for an exchange. 
  2. If the other cartridge you installed give you the same error message as well, then most likely there has been a firmware update done to the printer. This can be done automatically by HP if your printer is setup wirelessly. Auto updates can be turned off on the printer under setting. The chip/cartridge will need to be replaced with an updated version.

You will need to move the chip from your old cartridge over to the new one.

Please note this toner cartridge has no chip, you will need to remove the chip from your old cartridge and install it on the new toner. (You can just slide out the old chip and slide it back in to the new cartridge.)

If you are unable to do this one of our technitions can do it for you.

Currently no new chips are avaliable to us for this model of toner cartridges. We are currenty working on getting new chips for these cartridges as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

You will receive a low ink warning but will be able to print untill the new cartridge is empty.

To clear this message you just have to press the override “select button” to acknowledge this message. Once it’s acknowledged you will be able to continue to print. The select button might also be called an OK button and it could also be a large green/grey button on your printer. Press Ok and continue to ignore the message. Once you ignore the message you will be able to continue to print.

It appears that the automatic firmware update has been executed, blocking the chip on the cartridges from functioning. To address this issue, our recommended solution is to transfer the chip from the HP cartridge to the compatible one.

Also, cartridges purchased from Printer Refillers were accompanied by warning instructions explicitly guiding the process of disabling automatic updates. Additionally, informational cards with links to instructional videos were provided for your convenience. For detailed steps, please visit:

Samsung / Dell Laser Printers

Please make sure you have remove the packing clip (orange or black etc.) and/or pull tape tab from the ink cartridge (if applicable) and or remove the “black paper” protecting the drum unit.

Please try the following:

1. Removed big cap/clip (May be black or orange). 

2. Removed black paper. 

3. Removed seal/(pull tape) on left.