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When you see this message, hold down the printer’s “STOP” / “STOP RESUME”  button for 10 seconds. “DO NOT PRESS CANCEL PRINTING”. You may have to do this once for each cartridge. Once done you will be able to print until the cartridge(s) are empty of ink.

HP announced important upgrading info about 902/906/952 series ink cartridges!  We also recommend this for HP printer that use the 910, 934, 935, and 962 ink cartridges.They are currently not affected but may be in the future. HP will be “upgrading” printers of 90X/95X series ink cartridges to the new technology platform in the future. […]

Your printer has most likely been manufactured after the date of the toner ink cartridge chip that is located on the bottom of the cartridges. eg. Printers manufactured before October 2018 the cartridge works on but printers manufactured after that date the cartridge will now work. If you have received this error with a toner […]

Reset Brother TN-660 laser toner cartridge. Brother laser printers are notorious for not recognizing when a new full toner ink cartridge is installed into the printer. Brother laser printer for the most part use a system of gears to read if a new cartridge was installed but sometimes it does not catch or “get the […]

Epson 288XL and 410XL Printer Updates ❌ Please make sure NEVER to UPDATE your Epson printer’s firmware. In most cases, these firmware updates are designed only to make none OEM (Epson) cartridges not work in your printer. If by chance you have updated your printer’s firmware and the printer no longer recognizes the installed printer’s […]

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