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Streaks through the printing. Perform a printhead cleaning.

Printhead Cleaning

Solution: Try running 1-2 print head cleanings. Below are general instructions for how to perform a print head cleaning, however this is done in different ways on every printer, so consult your manual for exact steps.

On your printer:

To perform a Printhead cleaning on your printer go to: Settings-> Tools-> Cleaning / Clean Printhead.

You may need to perform this more then once if you have not used your printer in a while or have left the printer without cartridges installed for some time.

From your computer:

1. On the computer, click Start, then click on Settings/ Control Panel.

2. Select Printers and Faxes (On Windows Vista, select Printer under Hardware and Sound)

3. Right-click on your printer, and click on Properties. 4. Select the Maintenance / Service tab, then select Print Head Cleaning.


“Cartridges cannot be used until printer is enrolled in HP’s instant ink program”

At one point the printer with the cartridge installed were enrolled in HP instant ink program in which they mail you new in cartridges every month for a monthly fee. Once print cartridges are installed into the printer once the printer is enrolled they are then reprogrammed to only work if the printer is still enrolled in the program. If the printer is not enrolled then the cartridges will not work at all. You will need to go buy new ones as HP as locked the print cartridges out.

Used or Counterfeit Cartridge Detected: Tri-Color/Black The original HP ink in the indicated cartridges has been depleted. This can occur with cartridge use past the expected amount of ink.

Press “OK”, “Continue”, or the flashing button on the printer to ignore this message and continue to print. Currently there is no way of resetting the ink levels on these cartridges.

Message - The original HP ink in the black/Colour print cartridge has been depleted

Simply acknowledge these prompts when they arise by clicking “Continue Printing” or “Ok”.

Regardless of any “ink is low” messages you may receive, simply continue to print until you notice a decrease in print quality. At that time, you should stop using the cartridge, and bring it to Printer Refillers for another refill.

Message - Cartridge is MISSING or WRONG.

The copper strip on the back of the cartridge is very sensitive to static discharge, and can also be disrupted by the oil from skin, or residual water. Take a moment to gently brush this strip owith a piece of paper towel, then reinstall it.

HP 15, 17, 23, 41, 45, 78 Optional Resetting Instructions.

1. Remove the cartridge(s) from the printer.

2. Place the cartridge(s) on a table with the copper con- tact facing you, as shown in the illustration below.

3. Carefully place a piece of electrical tape over the four contacts on the upper left corner of the cartridge(s), marked “1” in illustration below.

4. Reinstall the cartridge(s) in the printer (with tape in place) and close the lid. Wait until the carriage returns to the park position and wait for approximately 10 seconds.

5. Open the printer lid and remove the cartridge(s) again. The printer may hesitate andash to indicate there is a problem; this is normal.

6. Move the tape from the left side to the right side of the cartridge(s), marked “2” in the illustration below.

7. Reinstall the cartridge(s) in the printer and close the lid. Wait until the carriage returns to park position again and wait 30 seconds.

8. Open the lid, remove the cartridge(s) and remove the tape.

9. Reinstall the cartridge(s) and close the lid. The printer will now recalibrate. Once the process is complete, the ink level meter should read full again.

10. If the ink level is still not reset, unplug the power cord, while the power is on for one to two minutes. Plug it back in; ink level should now read full.

11. Note: If this process does not work therst time, try taping both sides of the contacts on the cartridge at the same time and follow step 4 , then go to step 8

HP Protected Cartridge Installed: Black/Colour

HP Protected Cartridge Installed: Black. The cartridge(s) listed above can only be used in the printer that initially protected the cartridges using the HP Cartridge Protection feature, and must be replaced. The HP Cartridge Protection feature allows a printer owner to set the HP ink cartridges installed in their printer so that the cartridges will only work in that printer.

This error happened when a cartridge has been protected./locked to a printer. If you have more then one printer that takes this cartridge please try it in the other printer. 


Please turn off Cartridge Protection

Windows Computers

1. Click the Start button, and click Devices and Printers.

2. Find your HP printer in the list and double-click it to open the Settings page.

3. Click the text for Estimated Ink Levels under the heading of ShoppingResources. This will open the HP Toolbox window.

4. Click the tab for Cartridge Protection.

5. Click the radio button next to Disable HP Cartridge Protection.

6. Click the Save Setting button to save your new set- ting. Then, close the window.

7.You may need to remove and reinstall the cartridge for it to be recognized properly.

Mac / Apple instructions

Step 1. Open “HP Utility” under Applications-> Utilities-> HP Utility Step 2. Click on “Supplies Status” then click on “Cartridge Protection” Step 3. Select “Disable HP Cartridge Protection”

On your printer

Step 1. On printer, go to SETUP
Step 3. Under PREFERENCES go to CARTRIDGE CHIP INFORMATION Step 4. Under CARTRIDGE CHIP INFORMATION you will nd the follow- ing dialogue box: Touch (return arrow) to keep your settings. Touch OK to turn off the memory chip’s ability to collect the product’s usage informa- tion.
Step 5. Touch OK to turn o the memory chip’ ability to collect.

Ink cartridge failure: Tri-Color. Cartridges listed above are damaged or have failed. Remove them and replace with new cartridges.

In most cases this means one of two things:

#1 The contacts on the cartridge or in the printer (copper squares or circles) are dirty and need to be cleaned. You can use some windex to clean them off. Then reinsert the cartridge into the printer to see if that error is cleared.

#2 The contacts on the cartridge had burnt out and the cartridge is no longer good and will need to be replaced. If this is the case you can bring back your cartridge to Printer Refillers with the original receipt and we can refund or exchanged it for you as per our guarantee policies. We can also in most cases try your cartridge(s) in our printer to make sure it is a cartridge issues and not something else with your pinter. Please make sure you bring in both cartridges as sometimes with HP printers they can give a error for one cartridge when the other is the one with the issue.

#2b You can also try your to print with just one cartridge in your printer. Remove the cartridge you think is causing the issue and then try printing. If the printer now work the cartridge you removed is most likely causing the error.

The following ink cartridges have a problem: Black/Colour. Refer to printer documentation.

The contacts/electronics on the printer cartridge may have failed. This does happen with HP cartridges. You can bring the cartridge(s) back to Printer Refillers and have one of technicians clean the contacts and test it in our printer to see if the cartridge has failed. If you have purchased the cartridge or had it recently refilled by Printer Refillers please bring your original receipt as this is covered under our 90 day warranty.

Is your error not listed above? Contact our tech support!

Please contact our tech support (right->). Please give us as much detail as you can and we will look into your issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

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