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711, 932, 933, 950, 951, 952, 970, 971, 980, 981.

Cartridge Problem error message (One or more cartridges appear to be damaged) when you are using non-HP cartridges or refills

Following a firmware upgrade on selected printers utilizing the following cartridges, 934 / 935 / 950 / 951 / 970 / 971 some cartridges suddenly stopped working.

HP indicated in a statement that the reason for the upgrade was to protect the security chip. However, this upgrade was done automatically and without customer consent. Consequently, millions of customers across the world were all the sudden unable to print. So, under pressure from all the different consumer groups, HP announced that they would release a firmware to reverse the unsolicited upgrade. Those upgrades are now available on the HP Support website under the client’s specific printer model.

A procedure is available with a link to the different printer models. Simply follow the instructions for the upgrade/downgrade.

 Visit this link to know the procedure for your printer model :


For streaking or no ink on paper, perform Nozzle/Printhead clean.

Printhead Cleaning

Solution: Try running 1-2 print head cleanings. Below are general instructions for how to perform a print head cleaning, however this is done in different ways on every printer, so consult your manual for exact steps.

On your printer:

To perform a Printhead cleaning on your printer go to: Settings-> Tools-> Cleaning / Clean Printhead.

You may need to perform this more then once if you have not used your printer in a while or have left the printer without cartridges installed for some time.

From your computer:

1. On the computer, click Start, then click on Settings/ Control Panel.

2. Select Printers and Faxes (On Windows Vista, select Printer under Hardware and Sound)

3. Right-click on your printer, and click on Properties. 4. Select the Maintenance / Service tab, then select Print Head Cleaning.


Please Note:

Ink-jet printers should be used on a bi-weekly basis. When ink-jet printers are not used for long periods of time, ink starts drying up in the printhead as the ink is designed to dry quickly on the paper. If running the above printhead cleaning 2-3 did not solve your streaking problem then it most likely means the printhead is clogged or the cartridge is out of ink. If you have put in new full cartridges with this style of printer then it is likely the printhead is clogged and will need to be replaced or manually cleaned which can be very difficult.

Why you need two sets for refills to work?

For refills to work with your printer you need two sets of cartridge and so to speak “leap frog” or “alternate” them never putting the same cartridge that you just took out back in. This is because the printer remembers the last cartridge that was in the printer and will not allow you to print as the printer thinks it is empty. Once you have two of each cartridge you just need to alternate them for the refills to work. Always replacing the ones form the printer with your back up 2nd set.

A 'Cartridge Problem,' 'Ink Cartridge Failure,' or 'Incompatible Ink Cartridges' Error Message Displays on the Printer

#1 If this is the first time you have set up the printer you must use the “SET UP” cartridges that came with the printer first.

#2 Make sure the cartridges are in there correct spot and fully clicked in.

#3 On Printer Refillers compatibles make sure the orange plug as been removed and that the yellow tape covering the air vent has been removed.

#4 On the printer control panel, touch the Ink Level icon. A graphic of the estimated ink levels for each cartridge displays on the control panel.

The printer should show you which cartridge(s) is giving the error.

Message appears saying Used or Counterfeit

On the computer window that shows this message, click the “No” button. On the next window that appears, click OK to acknowledge the message.

Message Missing or Damaged Cartridge(s) .

If you receive this error message please first check that you have the correct cartridge in the correct location in the printer. The printer will tell you which cartridge is giving the error and it would be very unlikely for all the cartridge to give this message. If you have the correct cartridge in the correct location then most likely the chip on the cartridge has failed and you will need to buy a new replacement cartridge. Please return the cartridge to Printer Refillers with your original receipt for support.

Message Ink Cartridge Depleted

After installing your cartridges, you’ll notice the printer still thinks they’re empty, despite having just been refilled. This is due to a computer chip installed on the cartridge which remembers that it has been used.

When using a refilled cartridge “A” that reads empty you will get a pop up box:


Remove cartridge “A” and put in cartridge “B” and you will get:

Just click “No” on this box. Now you will get:

Just click “OK” on this box

Still getting cartridge depleted & cannot print?

If you have tried the instructions for “Message Ink Cartridge depleted” above then read the following:

After switching out the affected cartridge(s) with your spare one you were still getting the cartridges depleted message and cannot print there is the likelihood that the chip on the cartridge has failed.

In the example below you have switched out the yellow cartridge with a spare yellow cartridge and no matter what you do it keeps giving you the error. In the image below you can see the yellow has the round circle with the line in it. This most likely means the chip on the cartridge has failed and you will need to replace the cartridge with a new one. If you had this refilled at our location please bring it back with your receipt and we can refund you and/or purchase a new replacement.

Please turn off Cartridge Protection

This means your cartridge(s) will only work in your printer. By disableing cartridge protection you will insure that future cartridges that you install will not be locked to your printer and that we will be able to test your cartridge after being re lled.

Windows Computers

1. Click the Start button, and click Devices and Printers.

2. Find your HP printer in the list and double-click it to open the Settings


3. Click the text for Estimated Ink Levels under the heading of Shopping

Resources. This will open the HP Toolbox window.

4. Click the tab for Cartridge Protection.

5. Click the radio button next to Disable HP Cartridge Protection.

6. Click the Save Setting button to save your new set- ting. Then, close the window.

7.You may need to remove and reinstall the cartridge for it to be recognized properly.

Mac / Apple instructions

Step 1. Open “HP Utility” under Applications-> Utilities-> HP Utility Step 2. Click on “Supplies Status” then click on “Cartridge Protection” Step 3. Select “Disable HP Cartridge Protection”

On your printer

Step 1. On printer, go to SETUP
Step 3. Under PREFERENCES go to CARTRIDGE CHIP INFORMATION Step 4. Under CARTRIDGE CHIP INFORMATION you will nd the follow- ing dialogue box: Touch (return arrow) to keep your settings. Touch OK to turn off the memory chip’s ability to collect the product’s usage informa- tion.
Step 5. Touch OK to turn o the memory chip’ ability to collect.

Prints vertical lines when scanning or copying

Is this unit plugged into a direct wall outlet? If not, then try plugging the unit into a direct wall outlet.

The Officejet Pro 8600 has a built in surge protector and doubling this feature up can cause some issues.

As well, try hard resetting the printer:

* Unplug unit while the printer is turned on

* Unplug the other end of the power cable from the direct wall outlet

* Wait 30 seconds

* Plug unit back up

Sensor warning

If your received a message “sensor warning cyan” or “ink sensor warning cyan” remove cartridge from printer and then placed it back into the printer. You should now be able to continue and print with issues. If you still receive this error bring the cartridge into Printer Refillers for us to check the weight.

There is a problem with the printer or the ink system

Once you receive this error message it most likely cannot be fixed. It seems to be a very common HP error and HP has no solutions. You can bring your printer in to Printer Refillers. We offer a cleaning that has in the past fixed this error. For more info please contact us.

One or more cartridges appear to be damaged

Replaced the error cartridge with the back up cartridge from your 2nd set. Then let the printer do its thing (this could take a few minutes). After this then reinstall the “damaged” cartridge. It should now work. If this does not work for you then the chip on your cartridge has most likely failed. You will need to purchase a new cartridge to replace the damaged one.

This printer is slow when changing cartridges so take your time.

Cartridges Depleted. The cartridges listed above must be replaced to resume printing

The error messages “Cartridges Depleted. The cartridges listed above must be replaced to resume printing” generally means that you will need to replace the depleted cartridge(s) to continue to print. With this style HP printer, if you are out of a colour, lets say yellow, you will not be able to print until that cartridge is replaced. Once the depleted cartridge is replaced, printing should resume.

If this message came up with a refilled cartridge, please refer to the attached instructions that came with your refilled cartridges or read “Message Ink Cartridge Depleted” above.

Only one set of Instant Ink Ready cartridges can be used in a printer. Remove and replace with other cartridges.

Without seeing the printer is seems the printer ink cartridges that are giving this error had been enrolled in HPs Instant Ink subscription service as one point. Once the subscription is canceled the cartridges will no longer work regardless if they have ink or not. 


Is your error not listed above? Contact our tech support!

Please contact our tech support (right->). Please give us as much detail as you can and we will look into your issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

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