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Printhead Cleaning

Solution: Try running 1-2 print head cleanings. Below are general instructions for how to perform a print head cleaning, however this is done in different ways on every printer, so consult your manual for exact steps.

On your printer:

To perform a Printhead cleaning on your printer go to: Settings-> Tools-> Cleaning / Clean Printhead.

You may need to perform this more then once if you have not used your printer in a while or have left the printer without cartridges installed for some time.

From your computer:

1. On the computer, click Start, then click on Settings/ Control Panel.

2. Select Printers and Faxes (On Windows Vista, select Printer under Hardware and Sound)

3. Right-click on your printer, and click on Properties. 4. Select the Maintenance / Service tab, then select Print Head Cleaning.


1. With the printer on, open the lid and remove the black cartridge.
2. With the black cartridge still out, turn the printer off.
3. Wait 30 seconds.
4. Turn the printer back on and wait for it to finish making its warm-up noises.
5. Put the black cartridge back into the printer and close the lid.
6. Press OK to acknowledge any prompts that appear on the printer or computer.

In order to continue printing, simply follow these steps:
1. Open the printer’s lid.
2. Place your refilled tank(s) into the correct cradle.

3. Close the printer’s lid.
4. The prompt below will display on your printer’s screen. At this time, please disregard any messages on your computer.

5. Push the right arrow key on the printer. You will receive this prompt.

6. Now push the OK button on your printer to Acknowledge the message.

7. On your computer, close any messages that have popped up relating to your printer. You should now be able to print without further interruption!

*Note: you will have to do steps 4-7 once for EACH cartridge.

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