Breaking the Ink Monopoly: Why Printer Manufacturers Can’t Force You to Use Their Cartridges

As a printer user, you may have noticed that your printer manufacturer strongly recommends or even requires that you use their branded cartridges. But did you know that in Canada and the United States, there are laws in place that prevent printer manufacturers from forcing you to purchase their cartridges?

Under the Competition Act in Canada and the Sherman Antitrust Act in the United States, it is illegal for companies to engage in anti-competitive behavior, such as forcing customers to use their products exclusively. This means that printer manufacturers cannot require you to use their cartridges in order to maintain your printer warranty or receive technical support.

In fact, the Competition Bureau of Canada has taken action against printer manufacturers in the past for engaging in anti-competitive behavior. In 2019, the Bureau ordered HP Inc. to stop using technology that prevented customers from using non-HP ink cartridges in their printers.

So, why do printer manufacturers recommend or require their branded cartridges? The answer lies in the fact that printer manufacturers often make a significant portion of their profits from selling ink cartridges. By requiring customers to use their cartridges, they can ensure a steady stream of revenue and discourage customers from purchasing cheaper, third-party cartridges.

However, this does not mean that you are obligated to purchase branded cartridges from your printer manufacturer. In fact, third-party cartridges are often much cheaper and can provide comparable quality to branded cartridges. As long as the third-party cartridge is compatible with your printer, you can use it without fear of voiding your warranty or losing technical support.

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While printer manufacturers may recommend or require their branded cartridges, they cannot force you to purchase them. As a consumer, you have the right to choose which cartridges you use in your printer. At Printer Refillers, we are committed to providing you with high-quality, affordable ink cartridges that meet your printing needs.