Refilled or New HP 970 / 971 error “Depleted cartridges must be replace to resume printing”

Refilled HP 970 / 971 “depleted cartridges must be replace to resume printing”

Option 1 (This should work 90% of the time):
The printer has a physical ink sensor that will stop the printer from operating once an ink cartridge becomes physically depleted. If this happens, even once the cartridge is refilled and reinstalled, the printer will not accept it. Follow these steps to “unlock” the printer in this situation:

#1 Remove the fully depleted refillable cartridge.

#2 Install a different cartridge in its place and close the cover to allow the printer to accept this second cartridge. Follow any onscreen instructions. Any cartridge can be used: an original HP cartridge, a refilled cartridge, a compatible cartridge, or another refillable cartridge of the same color. Wait for this second cartridge to be fully accepted before continuing.

NOTE: If this second cartridge is also physically fully empty, this procedure may take several attempts.

Option 2:
Press HOME—>REVERSE—>HOME—>HOME then replete it again. This will bring you to the engineering Menu

Press SERVICE MENU—>Then press the arrow until you see “RESET MENU”—>Press OK—> Press the arrow until you see “PPBE RESET”—>Press OK

Note deplete cartridge must be refilled before rest. Reset without refilling the cartridge will cause the same error.

After the reset the printer will automatically shut down. Turn on the printer manually, and wait about 15 minutes to let the printer calibrating before its read to use.

HP 970 / 971 compatible printers:
HP -Officejet Pro X451dn
HP -Officejet Pro X551dw
HP -Officejet Pro X476dn
HP -Officejet Pro X576dw
HP -Officejet Pro X576dw
HP -Officejet Pro X476dn All-in-One
HP -Officejet Pro X476dw All-in-One
HP -Officejet Pro X576dw All-in-One
HP -Officejet Pro X451dn Color Printer
HP -Officejet Pro X551dw Color Printer
HP -Officejet Pro X451dw Color Printer
HP -pagewide enterprise colour mfp 586dn

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