This printer feature could save you hundreds of dollars and most people have no idea about it.

As a seasoned expert in the consumer and business printing industry since 2002, it surprises me that many ink-jet printer users are unaware of a critical feature that has been around for years. While some users believe that their printer will automatically save them money, this is only partially true and not always reliable. The feature that all ink-jet printers have is the simple cleaning cycle, which can be accessed through the printer’s print utility. You can typically find this feature under settings, tools, and cleaning. There are two types of printer consumers: those who purchase a new brand name cartridge at a cost of $30-$40 when their printer stops working and then discover that the new cartridge does not resolve the issue. They may even dispose of their printer with the new cartridge and replace it with a new one costing $50-$150, which comes with a low-yield starter cartridge. The other type of consumer is more proactive, running printhead cleanings when they notice printing issues. If you have not used your printer for a few weeks or months, it’s best to run a few cleanings to ensure that it works correctly. Although it may use some ink, it’s better to utilize the ink and get things going rather than buying a new printer and still having to run cleanings.