Trouble shooting Brother LC-203 New Compatible Ink Cartridges for Your Printer That Don’t Seem To Fit

Some customers have reported that the new compatible cartridges were slightly smaller or shorter, preventing them from fitting securely. Due to patent constraints, replication of certain aspects, such as shape and structure, from OEM products is restricted. Consequently, the new compatible cartridges differ in shape and size from their OEM counterparts, resulting in a smaller or shorter build for the LC203.

However, the size differential alone is not the primary cause of the compatibility issues. Installing new compatible cartridges requires a firmer hand, demanding more effort to secure them into the cartridge slots compared to OEM cartridges. If you encounter resistance during the installation, exercise caution. If the cartridge appears to be stuck on the way into the slot, remove it and reinstall it carefully.

For those seeking guidance on the perfect installation of new compatible cartridges, we have provided a helpful video tutorial below: