Now Refilling Canon PG-260, PG-260XL, CL-261 & CL-261XL Ink-Jet Cartridges!

We are proud to announce our capability to refill original Canon PG-260, PG-260XL, CL-261, and CL-261XL ink-jet cartridges at Printer Refillers. With over 20 years of experience in refilling printer cartridges and having serviced hundreds of thousands of customers, we understand the importance of using the correct ink for your printer. That’s why we only use printer-specific inks that are perfectly matched to your original cartridges.

Common questions:

1. Does it work?
Yes, so long as the cartridge is in good shape. The inks are compatible and meet or exceed the manufacturers’ specifications for viscosity, contrast and type. Cartridge failure is the only issue to be concerned with.

2. Will refilling void my warranty and is it illegal?
No and no, the printer manufacturer cannot legally void your warranty for refilling the cartridge. It is in violation of the competition legislation of both Canada and the USA. So long as you are putting INK into the cartridge, you are not violating any regulations or laws.

3. Will it ruin my printer?
No, refilled cartridges cannot ruin your printer. They are a separate component from the printer itself.

4. How many times can I refill one cartridge?
A much tougher question to answer, given the many variables in the refilling process. Withproper care and maintenance, the overall aveage is between 1-3 for colour cartridges and 1-6 on black refills per cartridge with a print head (HP, Lexmark, most Canon) and from 5-10 and more for the ink-tank style (Epson, Xerox,Brother, and some Canons). Not caring or maintaining your cartridge could mean not even one refill.

5. Does The Printer Refillers guarantee their work?
Yes, we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products and services with your valid receipt.

6. What if I don’t like the quality?
You are eligible for a refund. We stand by our inks 100%, they are as good as your original cartridge ink. We currently carry over hundred different inks with over 20 different black inks!

7. How long does it take to refill?
Most refills are completed in about 30-60 minutes, sometimes an hour or more is required if the cartridge is either: a) quite old, b) dried up, c) color contaminated.

8. What if my cartridge is no good when I bring it into be refilled?
You only pay for our refill service when we find the results to be satisfactory, if not, you don’t pay!

9. How should I store my cartridge?
Place it in a sealed zip-lock bag with a moist towel (paper towel dampened with water).

10. How long will refilled cartridges last?
A refilled cartridge should last just as long or longer than your original cartridge. The Printer Refillers refills cartridges to their full capacity, transforming stadard capacity cartridges to high yield cartrides at a fraction of the cost and giving you twice as much printing.