You NEED to read this if your printer uses the HP 902, 906, 952 ink cartridges!

HP announced important upgrading info about 902/906/952 series ink cartridges! 

We also recommend this for HP printer that use the 910, 934, 935, and 962 ink cartridges.They are currently not affected but may be in the future.

HP will be “upgrading” printers of 90X/95X series ink cartridges to the new technology platform in the future. After December 1st, 2020, the upgraded printers will not be recognized with the original HP ink cartridges with old technology and the current compatible ink cartridges. The printer screen or computer driver will display “Older generation cartridge installed”

*Make sure you disable automatic updates*

Regardless if you choose to refill or buy new cartridges this will cause your older generation cartridges stop working. The only option after will be to spend money on new cartridge regardless if your old ones are full or not.

Please take a moment and follow the instructions below to disable automatic updates on your printer.

This could save you hundreds of dollars.