Epson 288XL and 410XL Printer Updates ❌

Epson 288XL and 410XL Printer Updates ❌

Please make sure NEVER to UPDATE your Epson printer’s firmware. In most cases, these firmware updates are designed only to make none OEM (Epson) cartridges not work in your printer.
If by chance you have updated your printer’s firmware and the printer no longer recognizes the installed printer’s ink cartridges, Printer Refillers may be able to help. If you purchased your ink cartridges from Printer Refillers we may be able to downgrade the firmware of your printer to the previous version. Printer Refillers offers this service FREE OF CHARGE to clients who purchased their cartridges from us.


What you need to do:

• Bring your printer, power cable and ink cartridges to our location.
• One of our lead technicians will need approximately 1 hour or less to perform the downgrade. You may drop off your printer and pick it up at a later time.
• If possible please call before you come in and let us know your printer model number so we can have the correct firmware available for your printer.
• Please bring in a copy of your cartridge’s proof of purchase. (If possible)

Why don’t I just buy a new printer?

Buying a new printer sounds like a solution, but in fact you are just setting yourself up with the printer manufacturers the latest model and will end up in the same situation in a few months. Once a printer has gone through the original firmware updates the manufacturers move on as they tend to focus on to the newer models and leave the old ones alone. The vast majority of printer cartridges we sell have not had issues with firmware as the printer manufacturers have moved on to their newer models. These firmware up- dates are the printer manufactures latest move to force you to buy their product over less expensive options.

Reasons not to buy a new printer:

• The newer the printers tend to hold less ink than they did. An example: 10 years ago HP 45: 40mls of ink for $45. Today HP 65 has 2.5mls of ink for $20. So what you once paid $45 for 40ml of ink, now costs $320 for the same amount.
• Printer manufacturers may, or most likely will, upgrade the firmware, in some cases even causing their own cartridges to no longer work.
• It is bad for the environment.
• You will most likely end up with setup/starter cartridges that will print even less than the regular cartridges.