Recycling Laser Toner & Ink-Jet cartridges in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Looking for a way to recycle your old printer cartridges? Look no further than Printer Refillers in beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! 

We’re committed to sustainability, which is why we offer a convenient drop-off location for your old ink-jet and laser toner cartridges. It’s easy to do your part to help the environment with Printer Refillers. Plus, we offer a great selection of ready-to-go cartridges at a fraction of the price of buying new ones at big box stores.

At Printer Refillers, we pride ourselves on using only printer-specific inks for our cartridges, and we weigh and test each one before packaging to ensure optimal performance. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with our products, and we offer quotes on your home or office printer ink needs so you can stay within budget.

Please note that we cannot accept laser toner cartridges in any packaging, including boxes, bags, Styrofoam, or foam core. We only accept cartridges, so please remove them from their packaging before dropping them off with us.

Thank you for considering Printer Refillers for your printer needs, and we look forward to providing you with the best possible products and customer service. We’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days with a quote, so don’t hesitate to contact us today! And don’t forget to tell your friends and family about Printer Refillers. 

2 thoughts on “Recycling Laser Toner & Ink-Jet cartridges in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

  1. Derick says:

    I have 2 used cartridges for a samsung SCX-3400 laser printer, and I need to get a new one. Do you recycle those and do you sell them?

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